Thursday, March 24, 2011

things for the table

Last weekend I headed to the markets at Rocklea – a first for me.  What a place to find some inspiration… The quality of the fresh produce was v. impressive.  Amazing fruits that I never knew existed.  Freshly picked staples like beans, tomatoes and dutch carrots . Homemade jams and relishes.  Home marinated olives.  Freshly baked cakes.  Interesting sausage combinations.  Organic poultry and other meat.   The options were endless.  

Equally as impressive were the prices.  I think my bank balance would certainly be less depressing if I could organise myself and make my weekly food purchases here rather than at the gourmet ‘urban’ markets down the road.  It would be nice to be organised.  Maybe someday.

Anyway, knowing that I was heading to mum and dad’s place and knowing mum’s love of freshly cut flowers, I thought I would do some sucking up…. I bought her two large bunches of pink oriental lilies.  She was delighted with the surprise and within minutes of arriving they were in ginger jars on her table.   

It is always nice to have something new and exciting on the table to add some cheer…

Happy eating!!


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