Sunday, April 10, 2011

buon compleanno!!!

A little bit wierd putting the shout out to a big happy birthday to myself .... but, here goes...

What a cracking weekend!  Way too much pinot, beer, chardonnay, cider, shots, food.  Pretty much everything! Glutinous.

Quarter of a century is a big thing and there is only one way to come to terms with the realisation that I am getting old!!! Drinks with my closest friends and, of course, my family.

Birthday presents a plenty.... Truly spoiled. Beautiful shirt and a couple of bottles of Pinot from the brother.  Vintage milk jug + succulents from sister.  Plenty of vino and cook books from the extended fam!!! Cash from Mims and Didds (they know me too well!!)

I really want to make a point of how fabulous my day has been today!!!  I don't think there could have been a better way to celebrate. Lunch with the fam at Il Centro and then kicked on with some beers at Crosstown in the Gabba.  I have finally made it home now and am absolutely exhausted - my cheeks hurt from the laughter....

I honeslty think that there is nothing better than a meal with my family.  We talked so much rubbish.  We laughed.  We had a family fued.  We were clearly too loud for the other patrons.  Max (the 1 year old baby with a personality to knock your socks off) befriended our neighbours. We drank pinot and Didds even got a Gamberri Pizza (despite there being nothing remotely similar to this on the menu)... Lucky to get out in one piece...

All in all, a great celebration for a quarter of a century. 

I hope everyone's weekend was as fabulous as mine!!!

Happy eating!



  1. Aah to be 25 again... Happy Birthday Sam!! Sounds like you rung it in in great style.

  2. Happy Birthday Sam! Wow, that does sound like you had a wonderful birthday. So much enthusiasm in your writing...I always tell my kids to write their birthday thank you notes while they are still in the moment. This is a perfect example of that!


  3. Happy birthday Sam, the way you talk of your family is beautiful. The loudest people in the restaurant are always having the best time and it certainly sounds like you were. Cheers Robyn

  4. I know who to turn to when it comes to seeking recommendations for places to eat/drink when we hit up Brisbane in July, Sam! Glad to hear you had a lovely birthday - mine's coming up in a couple of weeks and I'm expecting similar fanfare and indulgence!