Sunday, April 3, 2011

sunday lunch

As those of you who read the blog earlier this week would know today I hosted lunch for 8 of my work friends.  After an extremely exhausting week (I reckon it was the most difficult on record) I surprised myself in being able to pull together a decent feed....

More surprising than the quality of the food was the cleanliness of the house... Despite the endless personal protests I think the hours of cleaning this morning were worth it.  I transformed what looked more like a bomb shelter into a functioning flat.  Even the team appreciated how 'neat and tidy' everything was. . . If only they were here a couple of hours earlier.

I didn't take photos of the food as I think they would have thought I was a little strange - not sure that they have all embraced the whole blog thing yet... So I am left with the early photos of the table, which I snuck in before everyone arrived... 

The succulents on the table are courtesy of my wonderfully generous sister.  An early birthday present apparently.  A fabulous gift!!!  I think it is all part of her latest obsession - her garden. 

I hope everyone had a great weekend.  It has started to get cooler here and I have begun planning what winter treats are in order. . .  These will obviously be posted here sometime soon.

Happy eating!!!



  1. Your table looks great. Love the placemats and the pots look great too. Looking forward to more posts from you this week and hope the week turns out to be a better one!


  2. I'm glad that you're dinner party went well. I always think that the ones I put together during the busiest weeks, when I had the least amount of time seem to turn out the nicest. It's like a breath of fresh air at the end of a harried work week :-)

  3. Hi Sam, at first I thought these pics were from a magazine!

  4. Very stylish Sam, what a thoughtful sister you have.

  5. Your table looks simply elegant! I love the potted succulents. Was it killing you that you weren't taking photos of all the food as you put it so beautifully on plates and platters?

  6. Hi Sam, I've come over from your sister's blog, your table looks so inviting, the perfect place to have a long lunch. I look forward to seeing photos of the dishes you cooked. Cheers Robyn