Saturday, May 7, 2011


So this is where I have landed:-

I have temporarily relocated to the wild wild west - Port Hedland, Western Australia.  For those of you who don't know Australia well, Port Hedland is on the complete opposite side of the Country from my hometown (Brisbane).  Pretty much in the middle of no where, surrounded by not much other than mines and desert.

Hedland is a port town, with its sole focus being to export Iron Ore to China.  I am over here to help manage the region's urban growth, both on behalf of the local government and BHP Billiton.  A pretty exciting adventure, but a long way from home (already missing the family after only one week....)!

Last night was my first Friday night in town and having explained to my new work mates my love for cooking and Friday afternoon beers, they decided to combine the two and show me how Friday's go down in Hedland....  After a couple of beers we decided pizza was the go for dinner.  The options are pretty limited over here other than Bruno's Pizza Parlour which is apparently just a front for other dodgy businesses (I've been told not to ask for the 'special' pizza).  With self preservation in mind (apparently Bruno's is Hedland's kebab shop - only good for late at night on the way home after a couple of beverages at the one night spot - the Pier, which apparently has the record for the most stabbings in a week [I'm not lying - check the Guinness Book of Records] - nice place!!) we decided to head to the supermarket and make our own pizzas.

My tip for pizza is less is more.  I know it is a cliche, but pizza's aren't meant to be over cluttered with meaningless ingredients.  Keep it simple with only a handful of ingredients and you will definitely enjoy the end product.  Also, don't drown the pizza in cheese.  Original pizza's from Italy, I am told, didn't even have cheese on them.

When I get more organised over here I will do a post on making the dough from scratch (which is actually really easy!) but for now, the thin bases from the local supermarket will have to suffice.

Happy eating!


  1. Really enjoy reading your posts ! Enjoy your time in the west! c

  2. Missing you lots! Great to see some photos...


  3. mmm Yummy! I think I am going to have pizza tonight (homemade of course!) Looking forward to your post on making the base. Jen

  4. Yuuumm! Nice pics, I follow you! :)

  5. I agree with your tip on pizza...less is more. We make pizzas all the time (yes, with my own home made dough), but whenever I try to mix things up, the only pizza everyone wants more of is the one with the most simple ingredients. A little sauce, a little cheese and a little fresh basil.