Tuesday, May 24, 2011

suggestions please

Now that I am a token Western Australian I feel like I need to get up to speed with the local foodie scene (outside of Hedland that is, because up here there isn't much on offer), which is difficult when you don't know too much about the place you are visiting. I have to fly to Perth tomorrow for work and have been scouting for a laid back restaurant / bar where I can occupy my time after work tomorrow night.    I have trowelled through the Gourmet Traveller lists, but all I can find is fine dining options....  Can anyone suggest a place (bearing in mind I love Italian food and red wine!)???  Falling short of that, I guess I will just have to walk the streets, the old fashioned way!  What did people do before they had the internet?!




  1. Little Creatures Brewery, Bar and restaurant in fremantle is fantastic.

  2. Hi Sam,

    I'm a customer of Anna's via her blog/email/Australia Post :)

    we love the following spots in Perth
    Cantina; Mt Lawley
    Pronto in Claremont
    Rialtos or Gavinos in Subiaco

    another great place is The Must Wine Bar in Highgate, food and wine list to die for!


  3. Hi Sam,

    I'm a born and bred West Australian so firstly welcome to the dark side!! Perth has a lot to offer when it comes to food, if you know where to go. My local favourite is La Lola, where you can get some of the best italian around. It is on Hampden Road in Nedlands, the staff are all amazing, if you are lucky you will get Orlando who is my favourite waiter. There are no bookings, its first come first served, arrive early for dinner at 5.30 or my fave, after 8 for an apertif and a late dinner.

    There are also a number of great small bars and cool restaurants. I love Greenhouse in the city on St Georges Tce, for atmosphere and delicious food, they do great brunch! Depending on where you are staying a cabbie will get you there easily. Across the street from Greenhouse, down Howard, is Andaluz (tapas) and behind is Helvetica a great whiskey bar. Its down a laneway that has a giant chandelier hanging in the street.

    I suggest that you jump on the train and head to fremantle to check out Little Creatures for great beer (local of course!!) and The Attic which is on bannister street for coffee. If you like indian you could even stay for dinner at Maya on Market street, very easy to find!

    Hope that these get you started... if you want some more info let me know!


  4. Thanks so much for all the suggestions!! What an overwhelming response!! I ended up hanging out at the Must Wine Bar in Highgate on Wednesday night and ate at Greenhouse for lunch on Thursday. Amazing places!

    Particularly like the Must. Given that I was batching it - befriended the bar tenders and actually had a great night. Was a little dusty for the early meetings the next day though! The things we do!

    Was so nice to get back to civilisation and enjoy some great hospitality!

    Back down again next week so will certainly try out some of the remaining suggestions!

  5. glad that you liked greenhouse, Must is amazing. I had the best birthday dinner there with friends. the steak with bernaise and green beans.. oooh ..it was amazing!

    I love befriending the bartenders and having a chat, they always have the inside scoop and know what is the best to order food and drink wise. I had a similar experience at mamasita and gills diner in melbourne. most of my friends were horrified that i would eat alone, but i loved it.

    Well if you want a friend to hang out with, or any more suggestions, let me know! otherwise happy culinary adventures!