Monday, February 14, 2011

Food of Love....

Given that I haven't really got on board with the whole Valentines Day thing this year, I thought it would be good to have my first guest post here at Sam's Table from someone who has.  My Sister, Anna Spiro who has the amazing blog Absolutely Beautiful Things, has certainly embraced the spirit of the day...

"Tonight I cooked Brad his favourite Spaghetti Bolognaise.  It is so simple and basic but he loves it.  As it is Valentines Day I set the table and placed the flowers he sent me today in a vintage willow patterned teapot I recently picked up at a flea market in New York.  We sat, we ate, we chatted and then we cleaned up.  I probably wouldn't have chosen this dish for dinner but he loves it so I made it. 

Happy Valentines Day."

It's great to see that food brings us all together . . .


  1. Sam,
    Having had the pleasure of meeting Anna, I can only imagine the lovely things you shall be sharing with us here.
    Wishing you a day full of goodness!

  2. I love your simple blog design - the red and white with the blue gingham. Crisp and clean. I follow ABT, and followed Anna's link here!

    Best wishes with your blog. A friend made us a great bolognese dinner over the weekend. When she sends me the recipe, I will have to pass along.

  3. Welcome to the Blog World, Sam, you are in for a wonderful experience!! Happy Valentines day :)

    Northern Light

  4. I think your Mum should start a blog too so it's a family thing.

    I don't think it matters what you actually have for dinner on V day (we had soup) as long as you actually have dinner together.


  5. First, I love the name of your blog and the look of it is perfect for your message. Food. Family. Friends. Your spaghetti bolognaise looks's only 5 o'clock here on the west coast, so we may just have that too! Happy Valentine's Day!

    I am so happy to have found your blog on your sister's blog today!

  6. Thanks for all the feedback and well wishes everyone! It is certainly a daunting task trying to follow in the footsteps of my big sister. I hope Sam's Table can provide everyone with some food inspiration in the future.


  7. Sam!
    Great do see you are starting a blog!
    I remember the beautiful meal you cooked for everyone that Sunday at your place. It was a pasta with Italian sausage - Yum!
    Good luck with your blog
    Avril x

  8. Hi Sam ,
    great to see your blog , I followed it from Annas site nice to have a guy on blogging especially on food. Beverley