Monday, February 21, 2011

the hair of an angel (or so I'd like to think)

What a weekend! Magical weather. Swimming at the beach. Drinking cold beer.  Eating tasty treats.  Solving the world's problems over a glass of delicious Pinot. General mucking about. 

Now for this week...

Have you ever made fresh pasta? If not, you must give it a go - it's just the best and it is so simple!! 

On the weekend we had homemade angel hair tossed in a family favourite – prawns, chilli, tomato, garlic, basil and olive oil.

Things you need:
5 x Large Eggs
500 grams of type ‘00’ Flour (super fine flour)
Pinch of Salt

This ratio will give you enough pasta for 6 - 8 hungry people.  The general idea is to use one large egg per 100gms of flour so you can simply increase or decrease the ingredients as you need.  For a more funky colour, you can simply add more egg yolks. 

Although the traditional method is to mix the dough by hand I cheated by using the KitchenAid Mix Master.  I don't think it makes too much of a difference to the taste but it makes the clean up easier and minimises the risk of a 'blow out' where you are confronted by a torrent of eggs and flour surging across the kitchen bench.

It starts like this – cool, calm and collected

Then goes a little like this – controlled chaos

And ends up like this

Check back here tomorrow to see what we did with the prawns.

Happy eating!



  1. I wish we were at Straddie on the weekend...looks like you and mum cooked up a storm!


  2. Mmm looking good! Homemade pasta is so delicious!

  3. Sam you have inspired me to set up in the garden and cook a chicken in our bbq oven as i had not been courages enough to try . It was delicious. My 3 grand babies loved the[ Feshal]occasion.
    we put up a red and white canopy strung from the trees, looked great so more ideas please Beverley

  4. Fabulous blog! You must get the pasta maker attachment for your Kitchen Aid mixer- very easy!

  5. Hey Sam

    Love the blog. I'm in the process of buying a pasta maker. Any suggestions? Are you happy with the one you use? Thanks for the advice.

    Kind Regards

  6. Hi Kate,

    We use an 'Atlas' pasta maker. But apparently the attachment to the Kitchen Aid mix master also works a treat.

    I have just ordered a new attachment for ours so that we can make different sized spaghetti...