Friday, February 11, 2011

Holiday Favourites

Every Christmas our family heads to Straddie to Mum and Dad's beach house where we over indulge in wine, food and loud music.  Each year I end up with a large pile of cook books for Christmas and we (mum and I) spend our holiday working through the endless recipes until we settle on a favourite, which we then cook over and over until we can't bear to think of eating that food again.  This year it was curries out of Phaidon's latest release - 'India'.  The above photos are of the curries that we cooked on New Years Eve - curries are great for a crowd as you can cook them hours in advance so that you can enjoy the night rather than spending it slaving away in the kitchen.  I have to admit - mum's prawn's stole the show!


  1. Can't wait for your next post!!! Looking great so far. Love your blog design!

  2. My first post from blog royalty.... Watch this space, more to come.

  3. I do love a big curry dinner with everyones take on the theme. I happened upon your blog as I read yours siters.

    I love the checked tablecloth backgroud.