Friday, February 18, 2011

heading east on friday (its a family thing)

Things you need to know:
  • I am a Brisbane CBD fringe dweller (too far west of the coast for my liking);
  • From the moment I opened my eyes this morning all I could think about was travelling east to the coast;
  • Come knock off time, I headed east to catch the barge with mum, dad (aka didds), GF (Jenny) and dog (aka Gus) from Cleveland to Straddie.  This is what I saw:

on my way to this:

then mum and I cooked this:

which ended up looking like this:

Family response:
  • Didds - asleep on the couch
  • Jenny - asleep in bed

All too much for the two of them - they obviously don't get the excitement of the photo shoot / blog experience....

Mum and I on the other hand are still here at the table enjoying a glass of vino making Friday last as long as we possibly can.

Happy eating!!!!



  1. "making Friday last as long as it can" - I hear you Sam, Friday night is the best part of the week - knowing there are two work-free days to come!

    Congrats on a fabulous beginning to a delicious blog - look forward to more!

  2. oh my's perfect...all of it!! Great photos!

  3. As the daughter of a meat wholesaler, I appreciate this meal like no other girl would! Delish!

    Loving your blog, Sam. I would expect nothing less of Anna's sibling!

  4. Thanks for your comments everyone it is really great to hear what all of you out there are thinking. My plan today was to do some catch up posts for next week however my very late Friday night at the table has put those plans on the back burner...

  5. looks bloody delicious! enjoy your weekend!