Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Mid-week Marinade

Craving something quick and easy, tonight we had an old faithful. Lamb chops. All meat eating Australians love lamb chops!  

To mix it up a little I picked some rosemary from my crazy rosemary bush and created a simple lemon, rosemary and garlic marinade.  What a simple yet effective way to brighten up an old favourite!  

Simple Lemon, Rosemary and Garlic Marinade:
- 3 x Sprigs of Rosemary
- Rind from 1 Lemon
- 3 x Garlic Cloves
- 3 large glugs of good quality Olive Oil
- Salt and Pepper for seasoning

Grind rosemary in pestle and mortar until suitably mulled.  Add remaining ingredients and grind to infuse flavours.  Add to meat and leave to marinade for at least 1 hour.  

After leaving the flavours to do their thing I threw the chops on the BBQ and grilled for a couple of minutes.  Served with a simple salad, they were v. delicious.

If anyone has any other simple marinades I would love to hear suggestions....

Happy eating!


  1. I wish you could have sent some down to us! It sounds delish. We were very lazy and heated up the left-over spaghetti from last night!


  2. Yum. I made a lamb dish with cous cous last weekend. I love an asian marinade on beef shanks.
    tamarind or soy sauce
    red pepper to taste

  3. Sounds wonderfull, will try that tonight.Need some inspiration after years of cooking it can become boring. Beverley.

  4. Hi Sam, Simone here from Beach Vintage. Congrats on your new blog. I will follow with interest. xx

  5. The marinade for the beef shanks sounds delicious. Will have to save that one for when winter hits over here.

  6. Thanks Simone! It sure will keep me busy. I hope it provides some inspiration to others.